Recommended Reading — Essay 1

6 Life Changing Sources

Robert Greene

48 Laws of Power
33 Strategies of War

Greene’s writings will wake you up to the game of power; the game you’ve been playing your entire life but were never consciously aware of.

Illimitable Man

Twitter Feed

IM provides wisdom on a variety of topics; heterosexual dynamics, machiavellianism, even hormone optimization.


Twitter Feed

WSP provides all the actionable information you will need to succeed in life. The writing style is direct; pure actionable information, no feel good fluff.

Sam Harris

The End of Faith

Harris’ work could be considered the “red pill” on Religion. The gods the world’s religions offer are as fabricated as Santa Clause and the Tooth Fairy.

Charles Murray

The Bell Curve
Human Diversity

Murray’s work could be considered the “red pill” on IQ, Class, and Race. Blank Slate Theory is a lie.

Felix Dennis

88 The Narrow Road
How to Get Rich

If you live in a capitalist society and desire to seize power, Dennis’ work is a good place to start.

Additional Sources:

Robert Cialdini


Human psychology and manipulation. Required reading for any aspiring machiavellian.

Baltasar Gracian

The Art of Worldly Wisdom

Maxims from a 17th century courtier on psychology and machiavellianism. Some say Gracian’s writings were the inspiration for The 48 Laws of Power.

Francesco Guicciardini


Maxims from a 15th century courtier on psychology and machiavellianism. Some of the most immoral advice ever written, and also some of the most effective.

Allan and Barbara Pease

The Definitive Book of Body Language

The work of the Pease’s does an excellent job of covering body language and gender differences.

Dale Carnegie

How to Win Friends and Influence People

An ancient guide on how to charm people.



This book does an excellent job of teaching how to manufacture interesting conversation out of nothing. It applies to charming people for platonic purposes, as well as seduction.

Jordan Peterson

12 Rules for Life

Peterson’s covers many critical concepts; the Pareto Distribution, the Big 5 Personality Traits, IQ.

Walter Scheidel

The Great Leveler

Throughout human history intense inequality has been the rule, not the exception. The only way to reduce inequality thus far has been to wipe everything out either by violence or by natural disasters, and thereby make everyone equally destitute.

Martin Daly

Killing The Competition

Inequality is what drives violence. The more intense the wealth inequality in a given geographical location, the higher the homicide rate will be in that location.

Daly Lecture: Risk Taking, Inequality, and Homicide

Martin Daly, Jordan Peterson Lecture #17

Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett

The Spirit Level

Wilkinson does an excellent job of detailing the negative effects intense wealth inequality has on a society; lower social trust, higher crime rates, higher homicide rates.

James Damore

Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber

Some politically incorrect but factually correct information regarding gender differences.

Aaron Clarey

The Curse of the High IQ

Clarey’s book covers some of the common life problems faced by intelligent people.

Brian DeChesare

Mergers and Inquisitions

Valuable information regarding the financial industry. If you have any interest in Wall Street, this source is for you.